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Love Your Curves in Lingerie

Love-Your-CurvesShopping is not easy for us curvy girls. For starters, mannequins and models look nothing like average women. And among average to curvy women, there is such a huge discrepancy in how we can look. Some of us have fuller thighs and big backsides while others have cleavage to die for and curves concentrated up top. It’s hard to look at a pair of pants or a top on a size two model or a rock-hard mannequin and know how it will look on a real body.

Take heart, though! There has been a really encouraging trend in fashion that has picked up speed in the last couple of years. As BBC News Magazine reports, “shoppers browsing 2014’s spring and summer collections will see clothes displayed on size-16 mannequins.” It may not be the same as seeing the outfit on yourself when you try it on, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Full-figured women have been getting more and more airtime in advertisements, especially as companies realize that real women are the ones buying their products so representing them in advertising campaigns is a good idea for the companies themselves, as well as for society as a whole.

All these positive changes are culminating in the empowering idea that, according to the Huffington Post, “Fine isn’t good enough anymore.” Curvy women used to have no choice but to settle on whatever clothes we could find to fit our figures. But more and more, we are demanding fashion and lingerie that is made for us, fits us, is advertised to us, and that we choose. As we embrace our curves and feel confident in the beauty of our bodies as they are, here are some suggestions for ways to bring fashion for us curvy girls into the bedroom!

Don’t cover up

Sometimes, when we’re feeling self-conscious, it’s our tendency to put on lots of clothes with too much material and cover ourselves up. But I am here to suggest that sometimes, less really is more! When choosing lingerie, don’t hide your curves, show them off!

Black is timeless, but don’t shy away from colors

“Black is so slimming,” we’re always told, but first of all, looking skinny should not be a primary concern for curvy girls: we will never be just skin and bones, so embrace what you’ve got! If you’re still interested in colors that can flatter, Creative Bioscience suggests eggplant, true red, and navy. And who doesn’t love red lingerie?

Shop for your particular body

Every woman’s curves are different, so really focus on your best assets when lingerie shopping. Adam and Eve highlights lingerie “designed specifically for curvy women… [to] show off your breasts at their very best!” If your caboose is your prize possession, find lingerie that accentuates it, like thongs or lace cheekies.

Own your curves

The most important part of shopping for and wearing lingerie for all women, especially curvy ones, is loving your body and being confident. Hold yourself high and find the perfect piece that makes your inner goddess come out. You’ll look even better than the models.

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