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CCG Fashion Favorite: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Greta Cut


Finding a flattering pair of jeans is a daunting task for most women, but curvy girls have it even harder. Since body weight can be distributed in a variety of ways, otherwise ideal denim often falls short: too loose (or tight) in the waist, too tapered or flared at the bottom, too constraining or commodious in the thigh.

As a curvy girl who carries the majority of her weight in her legs, I have struggled with finding jeans that fit, let alone flatter my body. Even when I do chance upon the perfect fit, it’s often a flash in the pan, a one-time hit that I can never find again. Luckily, however, I’ve found a soulmate: the Greta jean from Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

Unlike a skinny or bootcut jean, Greta’s wide “trouser” cut comfortably clears my thighs and goes down straight to my feet. I love their cotton/poly/spandex blend, which gives a nice range of motion while keeping untoward bulges to a minimum. Since dark washes are generally more flattering, I own Greta in dark indigo and black.

Downsides? First is level of wear: as with all jeans manufactured with stretch, NYDJ tend to show wear earlier than 100% cotton denim, particularly in areas where the fabric rubs together. Another downer is price: at full retail, they run $120. Not too bad compared to some designer denim, but not cheap regardless. They are, however, made right here in the USA, which blunts some of the pain at the cash register.

In short: if you have thicker thighs and run screaming from any pair of skinny jeans, the Greta may be your ideal match.

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