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This is Kat Bacon, founder of Curvy Girl Lifestyle and the creator of the Seven-Step CCG action plan. I’m a lifelong curvy girl who believes that confidence is the building block upon which all successes in life must be built.

I am passionate about helping other curvy girls succeed in their dating and personal life. I’ve authored several books focused on encouraging curvy girls to be their best.

I’m most proud of my latest book, “Get More Dates than Your Skinny Friends”, which will be available early 2013. My curvy girl dating advice is encouraging, personal and to the point. I am living proof that dating success depends upon what you do with yourself, not with what you already have.

Since 1994, I have been an executive in the Financial Services Industry, where I have honed my marketing expertise and developed relationship skills that have carried me into my second career as a curvy girl lifestyle coach.

I reside in Folsom, CA with my husband and two dogs.